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OOC-Intro/Explanations/How's my Driving?  
05:12pm 31/01/2010
Howdy y'all! OOC America here,  thought I'd just make a little post for FAQ kinda things. I'll try and make this quick. First, just a little bit about me, a little perspective if you will.
1. I'm American.
2. I'm 17, will be turning 18 in May.
3. I live in Alfred's glasses

Just because this may affect RP or because it may interest you, I am a centrist with liberal leanings politically, obsessed with fighting "isms" (racism, sexism...ismism) and I'm an atheist. :) Pretty simple.

How I play Alfred

1. Despite being atheist myself, Alfred wears a cross under his shirt in my head canon, along with his dog tags. (ironically enough)
2. I try to play pretty close to Hetalia verse, with the cheerfulness and such but I notice he tends to turn angsty when I start writing actual "prose" for him. I'm rather obsessed with the darker side of him, I think the most appealing aspect of his character is the way he purposely shoves away certain feelings and you can see it. Someone else actually pointed this out in one of her blogs and because I loved it so much, it's now sitting there in personality analysis for future benefit. I love when he hides that he's sad or emotional, it makes him seem all the more adorable.

I also try to keep the playfulness in his character, but we'll see if I can keep it up.

3. I play America from 2000+, I could probably do earlier I think, mostly the 40s and Revolutionary time period,  but obviously 2000 is easier for me.

SHIPPING:  I ship America x Everyone. Dead serious. Though mostly I ship him with the Allies and Japan. Because GerIta is adorable and outside of the allies and the Axis, I find the charries rather boring or strange to ship with Alfie here. (Though I'm not opposed, my mind can change and strange can be good. And Liet with him is pretty canon series-wise) I don't actually have an OTP, though, yes, US/UK/US is up there and must be acknowledged, but I'm cool with a lot. 

I also have fondness for Canada and the U.S.A., but here's the thing, even though I'm American and we gotta bit of an antagonistic relationship with Canada, I don't particularly care for an overly uke Canada. Because Canada has the smartest mouth ever, even if he got nervous when Alfred was holding a chain saw like a crazy person, he's not a total pussy. (As much as I'd love to tease a Canadian about that) I like to see their relationship as surprisingly equal, even if Canada doesn't think so. :)

Shmex:  So... I see Alfred as pretty gay. He's been gay in my head canon for a while now. That doesn't mean he's squicked by female parts or thinks girls are gross or something, but I just don't see him doing anything with the chicks on Hetalia or any anime I've seen. (Unless he were trying to convince himself of his straightness or something) For some reason though...I could see Fem!UK and him. O_o; I think he just needs a certain amount of manryness to get it on, so to speak. (He's kind've in the closet about it too)

I am not squicked by pain, bondage, guro, or incest in RPing. I have read and seen much worse. Even when it made me wanna cry and some parts I had to skim. XD However, furries and shota (as in not even having hit puberty) I can't do, gomen nasai~  I have dogs and cats and I'm the oldest sibling of many young ones, so even though I don't judge, I would just feel like a horrible person writing it.

Roleplaying Details/HMD:

This is my first time RPing Alfred. So if you have some advice for me, don't hold back!  I like to do well on the RP that I actually do.


That one up there is my ole Kagster account. The only other relatively active charrie I have. Just so you can see a little bit of how I usually make these kinds of things work and know that I normally take it pretty seriously.

However I kind've have RP ADD, because I get bored real fast if nothing happens. :| Then again, I've only ever been in one or two comms before, so, haha. I can't tell if I prefer one on one RP or not, because ones that aren't 1-to-1 are usually more fun to read but harder to write for me at least.

Anyway, if you wanna RP, have any questions, complaints, or spam, go on and comment or message or something.

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